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two mirror alignment systems for photography


"If you're not using zig-align...well, you just have to, that's all.
After twenty-five or thirty years of shooting art of all kinds, I fancied I was pretty good at lining up my camera and copy by eye, assisted by the ground-glass grid...until Better Light showed me how wrong I was... zig-align proved that no view camera, copy stand, enlarger, or even my own eye could be trusted."
Ben B.
-Retired Senior Photographer, Berkeley Art Museum-

"We have been using a zig-align ZV1 system since 1992 in the manufacture of our custom made Gandolfi field cameras. It is an essential tool for checking parallelism between front and back of the cameras and is the simplest, quickest, and most precise method for performing the critical operation of alignment. Now that we have experienced zig-align, we would be unable to make our cameras without it."
Edward H.
-General Manager Gandolfi Limited-