what can parallelism do for you?

When photographing art work or any flat surface, the entire image must be in focus. That means all photographic planes must be parallel. When they are, you can focus on one spot and your entire image will be uniformly sharp.


Zig-align systems help you check parallelism of your camera to the copy plane. The alignment pattern made by its two mirrors shows you when those planes are exactly parallel.

about zig-align

Since 1987, zig-align has been helping photographers experience fine alignment of photographic planes.  Careful construction of our ring module and the pattern it creates with a second plain mirror make our systems optically accurate as well as user friendly.

Developed in Menlo Park, California and now based in Arlington, Massachusetts, zig-align has created a higher standard for image accuracy. With use of our alignment systems, your photos will gain sharpness and precise uniformity.

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