checking alignment of 4x5 view cameras-to-copy

The "parallelism plate" in the ZP4 system (see drawing to the right) duplicates the weight distribution of a Better Light scan back and is close to the weight of other scan backs. It totally eliminates dis-assembly of the camera when checking parallelism of the CCD/film standard to the copy. A large mirror for the copy plane is provided.


To check alignment of the lens and CCD/film planes, ZP4s contain a 3.3" ring module to attach to a spare lens board that faces the square mirror on the plate.

ring module system




range of camera to copy

0 - 20 ft

checking alignment of small & medium format cameras-to-copy

With a ring module epoxied onto an adapter ring that is screwed into your lens, you can look directly through the camera to view the alignment pattern shown on a mirror at the copy plane. 


The copy plane mirror for a "V" copy system is 5.9" x 9.25"; for a "H/V" system, it is 9.3" square with 2 holes drilled into the mid-point of one side for securely holding a 6' cord. When photographing horizontally (i.e. toward a wall), the cord can be tied off with the mirror held at the copy plane.


A ZC8 contains a 2.6" ring module in an adapter ring with 49, 52, 55, or 58mm accessory/filter threads. A ZC9 contains a 3.3" ring module in an adapter ring with 62, 67, 72, or 77mm threads. When ordering, you need to know the filter thread diameter of your lens in mm.     See adapter rings below. 

ring module systems








camera position

facing down


either facing a wall or facing down


facing down


either facing a wall or facing down

range of camera to copy*

0-8 ft


0-8 ft


0-12+ ft


0-12+ ft

*As distance between camera and copy increases, the alignment pattern becomes smaller and shows less repeats, so it helps to use it the first time at a closer distance.

adapter rings

order a ZC8 for these lens diameters:
- 49mm
- 52mm
- 55mm
- 58mm

order a ZC9 for these lens diameters:
- 62mm
- 67mm
- 72mm
- 77mm

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